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What’s new in Photoshop Extended?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extension offers even greater magic image, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury graphics engine. Retouch with more precision, and intuitively the creation of 3D graphics, 2D drawings and movies using new and re wyrecyzyjnych narzędziIpratsovnyya processes.*

Photoshop CS6 Extended Features

Improve your creativity and increase your productivity. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extension offers superior performance through the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Driver, innovative Content-aware tools, simplified 3D graphics composition, re-engineering design tools and other elements. *

Content-aware Patch Package: Correcting images with greater control using Content-aware Patch, lets you choose the area in which Content-aware will be used to createTo Patches.

Graphic RtęćSilnik: When editing photos you can see similar results, using key tools, such as Liquify (paint) and a doll (Warp), creating 3D graphics and working with painted images and other large files.

3D enhancement: Try a 3D performance job. See shadows and reflections in all editing modes, quickly make kanchatkovaepratsavats in Adobe Raytrace mode thanks to Mercury Graphics engine tools, and much more. *

3D control is in theirsHands: Use simplified creation of interfaces użytkownikaIntuicyjne and animation of 3D graphics. Use the controls in the context of the blade and the frame cuff to create a 3D opens, change the direction of scenes and objects, edit lights and more.

New and re-engineering design tool: Crearmellores projects faster. Constrast type styles pharmatavannevykarystovvayuchy, use vector layers to apply strokes and add vector gradient objects, easily create individual strokes and linesDiscontinuous, quickly search layers, and more.

New Gallery points: Quickly create photo-graphic image, using a new simple interface, with image features. Create effects of tilting, blurring and sharpening a focal point, or changing the lack of definition among several kropkamifakusovki. Mercury Graphics engine offers an immediate result. *

The new cutting tool: Cut the images faster and more accurately through the new tool nieestrukcyjnegoCut off Manipulation of images on screen, and take advantage of Mercury Graphics engine, and see what changes you can live with. *

Modern user interface: elegant cool PracaZe interface, with dark background options that make the image pop and benefits of hundreds kanstruktsyyyakiya create a smoother, more consistent editing experience.

New reflections and shadows sharpened: quick 3D realism, adding and improving shadows and reflections on the ground plane. Drag shadow to repositionThe source of light, and easily edit ground reflections, shadows and other effects. *

Intuitive video: Connect the power of video image editing PhotoshopaDo. Easily improve any clip using the full range of familiar Photoshop tools redagavannyaicombinate clips and images with transitions, audio and effects, such as bread and zoom.

Save the fund: Save, even when saving the largest of Photoshop files in the background, performance improvement that can help improve efficiency.

Automatic recovery We areAutomatic recovery will be working behind the scenes to save the changes without interrupting the course. Each copy is made zapisana10 minutes and recovery in case of an unexpected interruption.

Logkavyravnovvanne and distribution of 3D objects: in less time, you can create a rich 3D scene, which allows you to automatically align 3D objects at the point of escape to the image and manage a group of 3D objects using the new multiple options. *

Dozens of people are inspired improvements: save time,More than 65 innovative creativity and productivity improvements, some suggestions from Photoshop users via Facebook, Twitter others.

Install wstępne Migration and change: Easily transfer presets, workers, preferences and options, so you can experience Photoshop as well as on all computers that share the organization and create your own version and previous version of Photoshop CS6.

Displacement Content aware by pushing and dragging the object to a zone other than the image and seeing itHow to Move Content-aware Magic peravtvorytsi connects the object to get a stunning visual effect.

Revolutionary erodyczne brush: Draw more natural and realistyczniePrzyusar tips that are destroying the way you work. Endless consumption and carbon sharpen a pencil or cake, for different purposes, and save your favorite sharp edges as a model.

New model: simplification of the paint with the new initial parameters that are a good starting point for the creation of realistychnagazhyvapisnyya effects.

StageReference generates a geometric pattern filling out faster scenarios.

Reinforced 3D animation: 3D animation of all properties, including cameras, lighting, materials, and mesh with AnimacjiCzas. Final performance rendering is now much better than when exporting 3D animation. *

Flexible rendering modes Shadows: Now you can run smoothly, so you can see the shadow rendering modes GL and AdobeRaytrace. *

You need to fuse 3D objects: combine various 3D objectsIn one place, so that you can interact with the same lighting and cameras.

Alternative: easily edit 3D graphics from different angles. *

Stereo vision and 3D printing: popularnychStereofoniczne easily download formats such as JPS and MPO 3D pipeline and make simple adjustments to define the variety depth. Displaying the stereo image on monitors or stereaTB or print it as a 3D lenticular image. *

Export Adobe Flash 3D: Easily export 3D graphics in Flash fromAdobe 3D visualization in web browsers. Export also offers 3D graphics for use in Adobe Flash Builder (sold separately). *

Outline and 3D cartoon set: Press once to be the appearance of 3D objects or cartoons and sketches automatycznieTworzyć condition seeks to create any brush stroke. *

Palepshany3d extrusion engine: create stunning graphics and 3D graphics with any textplate, select the path, or with enhanced 3D-engine layer, which offers an installationFast, control over screens and more bevel opportunities.

Types of styles: to save time and ensure consistent appearance styles that allow the selected characters, lines, or paragraph format to format with just one click.

Vector layers: Use vector layers to adjust the course and even add gradyentyda vector objects.

Sharpe vector feature: Get accurate rendering by clicking once to tie the borders of vector objects to pixels.

Fitderrames eDiscontinuous lines: You can easily create individual traces and discontinuous lines.

Layers of the search: Layers, use the search function to quickly restore the layer you need.

Illumination file effects: better performance and results, thanks to the new lighting lighting 64-bit effects. It works with videltsyMercury motor graphics control iOferuje on screen and display, which allows easy viewing of lighting enhancements. *

Filter for oil painting: pracowi rapidsTake your look at the perfect image with the help of Mercury Graphics engine oil filters. Control and light direction style for the best view.

Airbrush tips: create realistic airbrush effects using fluid, realistic controls and chatsitsfarba granular.

Brush enhancements: Paint more billing naturalnieRęcznie change brushes with the mouse.Dynamically change the size of the brush using the abbreviations and Mercury Graphics engine adjust gently to opacity or hardness.

Support10-bit deep color: a clearer vision of image viewing images in a movie with a 10-bit monitor. See only the pixels that were made, to reduce or eliminate the need for despair, and pamenshytskontur or bandwidth.

Support for Luts 3D: Retouch images for film łatwiejszeZ dimensional research range (lut), including Adobe SpeedGrade. Check lut lut, which can be activated when you need to adjust the original color changes.

OpenEXR transparency preference: if you wantSelect to support alpha channels in OpenEXR files, alpha channels and transparency.

Properties panel: save time with the context properties of the panel, which allows Properties hutkaabnavlenne masks, 3D-content adjustments.

AdobePonte CS6: something, media management, especially in pracyZ large graphic files. Adobe Bridge CS6 offers support for 64 bits on various platforms, as well as a series of improvements in the user interface and database.

Restructured Adobe Mini Bridge: fast accessAnd easy to imagine documents in Adobe Mini Bridge, which was designed with elegant tape strips.

New dyspleiHeads-Up: Use heads-up displays for greater precision when selecting and transforming objects and text.

Better support for TIFF work with a wide variety of TIFF files. Extended TIFF support allows większeBitów and larger file sizes.

Automatic sampling: achieve great results when editing the image size. The best method of sampling selected automatically.

SonText: save time with the ability to insert text Ipsum zapavnennyaLorem when working with the type.

Increased maximum brush size: Change the size and brush to 5000px.

Windows system requirements

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64

* Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

1GB pamięciBaran

1 GB of hard disk space for installation; Additional space needed for installation (not installed on removable flash storage devices)

Viewer1024x768 (rekamenduetstsa1280x800) with 16 bit color and the VRAM 512

OpenGL operating system

DVD-ROM drive,

This app does not work without activation. To activate, verification of signing of software and access to Internet services requires a broadband Internet connection and registration. Activating the phone is not available.

* 3D features and some features compatible with GPU are not compatible with Windows XP.

Changes in the version:

* Update for Adobe PhotoshopOnIt contains a number of important changes, which improve security, stability and performance, as well as the solution to many high-priority 3D errors, harvest, type of art and Ways

Languages: Dansk, Deutsch, English, Spanish, Franais, Franais * Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Cetinje, *,

* ArabskiI supported in the Hebrew version in the Middle East, with the full support of the language, especially Arabic / English interfaceHebrew; Also available in French (Français *) in North Africa with the full support of the language, especially Arabic / Hebrew and French interface.


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