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Code::Blocks 13 12
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Code :: Blocks is a free IDE for C ++ programming language. Supports 20 different compilers, including Microsoft Visual C ++, C Minor, Digital Mars and Borland C ++.

The plug-in shell and FülleDas program thanks to the variety and choice of plugins is completely customizable. Features such asautomatic formatting code or even write a short play in the integrated development environment (IDE) may at any time by selecting sesuaidiakses expansion.

Code :: up quick setup BlöckeEntledigtMakefiles, where the assembly process is much faster. If the support parallel compilationsadded, will be the speed with which you can bake your binaries are very big.

Help is always at hand (in PDF format) What is Code :: Blocks provides a typical for any IDE worth its salt: tabs, line numbering, syntax color, automatic code completion, smart indentation,and so on.
If you ever get stuck BacaHanya PDF manual.


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