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Dunkirk 2017
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Dunkirk Christopher Nolan`s take historic dunkirk evacuation that took place during World War II. Follow the dangers as a result of the evacuation of allied troops of the beaches and port of Duinkerke, France, surrounded by the German army in May 1940 using All boats navy and civilian use of existing air and soil coverings British and French troops , More than 300,000 strong, slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach.



ZahalnyyDataVersion: July 20, 2017

Genre: Action / Drama / History

Flow time: not available

Distributor: WARNER BROS. Pictures

Cast: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Raylans, Kenneth Branagh, Harry Styles

Director: Christopher Nolan

Format: 2D

Allied soldiers from Belgium, British Empire, Canada and France, surrounded by the German army and evacuated in violent war in World War II. The evacuation of the Allied troops from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada and France, and ForoncortadasGerman army encircled the port and the beaches of Dunkirk, France, from June 26, May 4, 1940 during the Battle of France during World War II.

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