FIFA 14.1 64-Bit

FIFA 14.1
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FIFA 14 introduces new features to improve the game and add more realism to the best football game for the PC.

Pure form of realism

New features in this version concentrates asnovnymgulnya. EA has introduced a number of features designed to enhance realismmchezo levels never seen in a football match.

EA working hard animation player. The new feature precise movement means that acceleration, Sprint, deceleration turns and changes in direction of more agile and realistic.

This increase meansincreased uhalisiaPuto control.You can nowuse body as a shield to protect space and possession of the ball. This is useful for delaying and dyktatutemp action.

Additionally new in this version is a method of recording and physics of the ball. With the lead work, based on the execution environment, players can utvrdinajdobrasinema location and angle of the gate. Entries can bytsadkalibravats mm and with the new ball physics, you can see the effect of the trajectory of the ball is different andreally.

Anotherimportantimprovement character intelligence team. EA reset this feature, so wachezajiSasa mogutsinterpretuyuts situation in the game, like a real football player. Now you can watch players craft their work, turn defenders and runs the first line of defense. These workshops, visual cues, subtly let you know what options are available. It is not only inaonekanablizheyrealnaya game with a lot of events happening around the field, it is expected that also provide an intuitive way to pass information to the player, especiallythose unfamiliar with the series.

Memory aspect gameiselementy that EKL work, with the introduction kwawheredefenders ofdynamic pressure now take decisions on the basis of more in the game resulting in reliable, less impulsive decision.

It does not end there as in a real game, the team, before trying to run down at a huge increase in property yaonusu the field of security solutions and less dangerous. This new version allows players of the opposing team hit a medium pressure andincreasenalink their opponents, as in a real game. This reality makes for a great game!

prilogda improve the game, EA has a new ongezaSifa that enhance the experience. In working condition, for example, you can adpravitsyourstaff observersaround world in search of young talent. You can specify, in detail, a brief description of the player, we are looking for and interact with talent through the menu function mode.

In terms of players wengimichezo online, EA has just introducedCo-op onlaynrezhym.long-awaited and fun, you can play in pairs with each other, against 2 onlajnigrachi title match, from ten divisions to try to get the first win the league title.

FIFA 14 is zatrymkunovyya skill games (first seenfortimein FIFA 13) to organize and improve their technical skills. And speaking of technology, the game now includes an important section that describes in detail how to make the movement displayed, advanced traffic and celebrated player.

FIFA14, finally, it has a simple interface kuboreshwaNi moreattractive design. On the other hand, menu preparation, tactics and team management were involved in the construction.

in the true sense of Management

Once ground, FIFA 14 shows its best side. The controls are the same as in the previous version, but players hisiachenga improved significantly.

There’s a big responsibility to the team more fluidity of the game and slowly, razumnitempotogulnya that promotes teamwork. Improved player heads up and reactiveness and protection during installation flexibility is evident.

thesePure Shot and sahihimwendo character, as well as physics and vertex newballpalepshana game, making complex movements and streams attract more easily than ever before.

Same graphics engine but morerealism

Unlike odverzii PS4and Xbox One console, the next generation of FIFA 14 includes new thePCdoesn’tIgnitegraphics engine. engine for the PC version, however, has been updated FIFA 13 graphics performance is much different from the previous version, but improved animation and physics has contributed to a large extentcontributes to the realism.

research results

getaGeta was not easy, but Electronic Artskwa once again managed to improve his game. New game karakteristikijasno is directed more towards the hardcore gamer from a casual gamer, and EA brought the game to an entirely new level of realism.

With new krokiPratsue PESE, FIFA 14 has strengthened and confirmed its leadership kamafootball best game on the market.

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