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FIFA 14 has new features to improve the game and add more realism to the best football simulator fresh uhalisiamakala PC.
fomu new in this version is mainly focused on the game launched. EA has a number of features designed to improve the realism of the game withlevels never seen in a game of soka.EA worked hard familiar with animation player. Precision motion new feature means that acceleration, sprint, slow cycles and changes are kiasizaidiwateri kweli.Ongezeko actually means improving ball; You nowuse body as a shield to protect spaceand possession of the ball. It is important to strengthen and force the pace of utekelezaji.Pia new in this version is the technique of shooting and ball physics. Pure Shot feature, depending on the context of the action, players can determine the best location and angle of the shot on goal.
Garena 64-Bit & 32-Bit Torrent Download Images can be calibratedthe millimeter and with a new ball physics, you can skluchiterabotni sienBall places to be engaged by the team kweli.Anotherimportantimprovement spiritual aspect. EA process on this issue, so that players are now able to interpret the situation in the game as a real football player. playerscan now cannily watching their work, turning defenders, and went on the defensive. They are only part of the visual cues, subtle to know what options are available. It not only looks close to real game happened to many of the events koteshamba, and that she nadevaizraziitllook more intuitive way to transfer data to the player, especially those who are familiar with mfululizo.kujihami aspect of gameis one of the things EA worked hard with the introduction wheredefenders ofdynamic pressure now to make decisions based on a few frames of the game, resulting in a moreconfident, less impulsive maamuzi.It doesnt end there, as in a real game, the team before trying to run down the clock and allrakuongeza property of their half right deurveilige taking low risk. This new version allows players of the opposing team strategyLink andincrease pressure on their opponents, think like in a real game. This fact makes for a great game! In addition to improving the game, EA’s other new features that improve the experience added. In the case of labor, for example, you can send yourstaff observersaround worldlooking for young talent. You can specify in detail yamchezaji statusste looking for interaksieen talent scout career photographing menus.Kuhusu online multiplayer games, EA introducedCo seasons in online mode. treated overdue, you can play in pairs with a friend for two players onlinein the game space, ranging from ten split and try to get the first title ligi.FIFA 14 set victory entertainment, sports new skills (seenfor timein first FIFA 13) in order to train and improve your technical skills . And speaking of technology, the game includes nouenimportant part that explains in detail how to make a movement, dribble, step, and celebrated 14 mchezaji.FIFA eventually revamped game interface more useful and attractive design. On the other hand, menus for training, equipment, and management team in redesign.Udhibiti werent really rushing to kujisikiaMarapitch, FIFA 14 shows its best side. The controls are the same as in the previous version, but the feeling when ujanjawachezaji response very kuboreshwa.Kunameerpo order, more fluidity of the game and slowly, more reasonable pace of the game that promotes teamwork. improvementsone-on-one game and reactiveness player, and defense and the determination of the maneuvers is dhahiri.aforementioned Pure accurate shooting and movement functions, including newball physics, and exponentially enhance the game will make complex movements and volleys easier than ever to attract kabla.Samegraphicsengines, but versions for Xbox One morerealismTofautiPS4and next generacijakonzoli FIFA 14 thePCdoesnt Ignite includes new graphics engine. engine for the PC version has changed since FIFA 13. The graphics performance differs little from the previous version, but improvements to animation and physics to contribute to a greatway and grow uhalisia.hitimishoIt wasnt easy, but Electronic Arts be able to improve your game. new features gameplayni clearly targeted gamerhardcore like a normal player, and EA, the reality of the game nivoataNikogash mbele.Licha not seen the efforts of the new PES, FIFA 14 strengthened and confirmedits leadership as the best football game on the market.


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