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Flipkart Varies by device
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Created to make purchases in the Indian market, Flipkart is a good looking application that allows you to share and discuss potential purchases with friends. Bar a few minor niggles interface and looks really good, however, that is all I can say becauseIt’s not in India as useful to me as a sale in tobacco.

And in case you’re wondering, I do not smoke.

see clean touch interface

Flipkart functions as each application place outroMarket. You can easily scroll up and down pages with theft, and move smoothly. productsnavedenipo categories and can be searched easily and with a few touches or fill in the search box.

Login clearly defined image and displayed prices. I will play in any of tezivodi to the side of the product, which can be detected more information. itIt includes finding suppliers of PO options, like the ability to check up their field.

Hint: they are not defiant outside India.

Also be warned if you leave anything in your car and push notifications, expect regular signals.


Perhaps the most interesnise Flipkart their social hooks. All elements that are thinking about buying can be shared with friends for their opinion. It is obvious that they should be in the service to use it properly, aíndaNon am confident that there will be SMS contacts to buildyour audience.

again as I am in India I was trudnoza to check, but it looks like a good addition to the usual shopping.

The only remark is comes with the application of some small problems, usability. Add a word to the search function is very laboriousand requires redovnoda delete what is there and start again, instead of narrowing demand. It is important to mention that sometimes pushes oformato product information off the screen in a way that can be rolled.

looks good

If you live in India and already buywith Flipkart, this application izgledaodlichno. In addition, social hooks look good for digital shopping with friends.

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