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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
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Technology giant Microsoft announced the launch of Visual Studio 2017 (version). This version focuses on increasing productivity and making it easier to create applications for mobile and cloud devices. Lightweight and modular installation is also an outstanding feature.

Release date: April 05, 2017 – version ():

Summary Release updates

– Tools for Universal Windows App Development – Support for UWP application development forWindows 10 Find Update Creator (version 1703).

– A New Team Explorer StandaloneIinstalled.

– Sign and indicate a Microsoft account – now a step with the launch of the first dialog.

– Address the different issues of reliability and accessibility of the installer.

– Better experience in installation design. The installer is now applicable and InstallRecommended InstallOptional is now applicable.

Problems fixed in the Releaseesta

To learn more about the topics covered in this version,Visit the Community Developer Portal.

About Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation, an international leaderin personal-computerMga software and applications. The company also has launched books and multimedia titles, offering email services, and selling electronic game systems, peripheral computers (input / output devices), and portable media players. It has worldwide sales offices.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is one of the latest deals for a long oneLine of study in the development of Microsoft. One of the most widely used and accepted industrial force platform rapid development of applications availablefor all your WindowsMga programming needs.

Countless options

I’m going to be a software developer that his work is his art. A development study should be helped with day to day work and allow you to concentrate on creating your program. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 has featuresIn swords Good code debug code editor and code deposit allows code changes to track and work either on its own or as part of the dock. I sell the code inside and out, as well as other toolsThe management allows you to have equipmentof any size to work on a project of any size. Test code and publish your project code all in the same development environment.

President of the Industry

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013It is one of the most prestigious premier studies to liberate and have a high level of excellence in both academic and industry environments. This statement is not different and has a high ideal. Take a test and publish everything in a study with the tools tumutulongAng your programming will rise to the next level. Join industryleaders with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

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