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Documents, please unusual game in which you are playing an immigration inspector. Your job is to make sure that anyone who goes beyond the border will have their documents and constantly change sets of immigration laws.

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Vdokumenti ask you to play Citizens of the Republic in Soviet style who was asked to work on an immigration inspector. You do not need much to earn and financially penalize for mistakes. Since every person in immigratsiyuKontrolyaCame, you must be all right sigurniche. It becomes increasingly difficult to progress the game, so it is easy to miss something that will get you in order.

You should ensure that you can feed your family and maintain health so that mistakes they have bad posledstviyaza. It is hard to deal with basic salary so that errors can cause you to decide which family member you want to store. Pretty depressing stuff.


Documents molyadobre designed surface and good controls easily understand the game progresses. Graphically, it is a pixel, 8-bit around it look like it is suitable for a stronger 80’s Soviet perception of the game. But the documents, please, this is not a game where glavnataAtraktivni graphics and sound. This is a game that you think will make, and it makes you look at what sort of person would choose between decent immigrants, undsvoemsemiMaintenance.

You are a bad human?

Paper, please play in the traditional sense entertaining. But of course this is a very well designed and written. As proof that video games are not dumb and can be „art“, it is outstanding.

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