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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Demo
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Prince of Persia: Warrior Inside is a game of action and adventure 2004. The Prince returns to a darker fight against evil Dahaka to save his soul from the conviction.

Return of the Prince

After a successful relocation of his 2D Platformerwurzeln series Prince of Persia, for action-based swords, became famous in Parkour’s design style. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within an atmosphere darker, more powerful, far from inspirational Umgebung.Vorbei is Arabic the bright environmentsAnd instrumental soundtrack, replaced by dark corridors, and hard rock. The move fits well with history and offers an unforgettable experience with a more realistic for the prince. Although this game was released a decade ago about the signs of age is not too strong. The images have a flower frame, but are sufficient. Game still feels fresh and sophisticated, much more to follow later. There are some issues with game features, including a low resolution and starting with new operating systems.


Prince of Persia: Warrior Inside is a classic of the series, a record worse and more sinister, provides a much needed ampliacion propaganda in the universe. While it’s definitely an outdated game, it’s good and must be seen as a must for fans of the franchise.

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