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Rock Dog 2017
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For Tibetan Mastiff living on the mountain snow, the dog has a simple riff, protect the peaceful village of wool from sheep thieves and wolves Linnus his mad package. In order not to be distracted leader Mastiff Hampa prohibits all the music of the mountains.
Rings 2016 AVI
But when the son Hampasa Bodi detects radiofallenOn plane rides, he needs only a few guitars to make their fate depicted, Bowden wants to be a rock and roll star. However, this means that it ignores the wishes of their parents, going to the town and the opening of the legendary and reclusive musician AngusScattergood, which shouldwrite a new song and quickly. If Bowden can unite a group of Angus to help with a song and defeat the wolf to take a mountain of snow, his life will be in harmony. The body is the one that always wanted to be: a dog more than … than hell rock – ROCK DOG!

. Peter en de Draak 2016

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