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Service Pack 1
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Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Office 2010 is the right spot and have set up dozens of companies to add new features to the application in the suite.

Compound verbeterings.Onder important changes related to Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 to integrate Office 365 Outlook 2010, OneNote, on the other hand, by using Windows Live OneDrive can download nie.So a mistake corrected in Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack1, Word hobetooopformate and PowerPointskrin second. And Excel is now more stable than ever before.

Choose your edition (32 or 64 bit) Service Pack 1 for Office 2010, Windows Update or manually can be used to install Microsoft installed. The only thing you need to consider publishing your office, it may be 32 or 64 bits.

An important package kolService stability, security and improved compatibility with Office applications. Take the time to apply the patch, saldankieproduktibitateada you.And if you do not need it, the installer will tell you (and you do not waste time there).

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