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SHAREit 3.5
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ShareIT allows you to transfer files from different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Wi-Fi Direct Connects ShareIT files, photos, and videos and can send from one device to another with applications. If it works, then it is wonderful, but it does not work, there is little reason to not try again.

Send photos, videos, applications and more

To the core ShareIT ezaugarriaJende the transfer of files without using cloud memory. Files, photos,Videos, music, documents and applications can be exchanged between the devices. It does not matter which platform you use to communicate with other devices ShareIT only enabled Shareit.

There is no general Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth data transfer. Instead, use a direct connection to create dabost wireless devices, such as a small network. As soon as you are connected to other devices, the files can be sent and received. Furthermore,Clone a device and send its contents to another device.

ShareIT the best part of the multi-platform, including Windows PC.

It does not always work

The creation of multi-platform, as well as troubleshooting at ShareIT caused problems because you have different devices. ShareIT no connection to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth has been used for more than, you need to connect directly to another device. This means that the heat generated byThe device is generated can be connected to other devices.

The app does not show you need to customize Wi-Fi settings. Menu settings in the „AP facilitates“ when sending or receiving, but the app never mentioned the device data in the spotlight to share. ShareIT is also flawed. My first attempts to transfer files cause the application freezes. Both devices worked on ShareIT reboot before transfer.

ShareIT If it works, it’s fast. fastTransfer pictures. Video uneven transfer speed and izanTransferentziak sometimes seen from the frozen state. File transfer completedThen the application locks the wireless connection and returns to the original connection. That is, if you want to share a file, and begin to have the steps to go through you must join in the heat.

The main problem that it claims is ShareIT easy to use, but it is really kind of nahasgarriaErabiltzaileak average. MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer 4 Windows 7/8 installer download


It has potential to be a useful initiative, but a lack of information and explanations will be frustrating to use. Also, if you are polishing and vividness. Closing hotspot connection makes sense, but in retrospect for the transmission of these steps annoying.

Another way to transfer photos and files will be much easier.
SPlayer 3 7 Windows 7/8/10 FULL Download
ShareIT video is good, but it depends on how big the file is.

ShareIT promise easy to use,But still do not achieve the goal if you want to transfer files, try to boost margin.


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