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The Escapists
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In escapists simulator to „Jailbreak“.
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Admit it: you’ve always wanted a simulator like.

Run: how’s your choice.

The Escapist almost like Prison Architect, game other forts, but much more action. You are imprisoned, and want to escape. To do this, schodnyadiyalnist(Tacna suspects) and make use of their free time to prepare an escape.

If you are looking for a game that will not give you a hand, you’ll love a fugitive. You have to learn to run, the droplet is not going to give you a hint or goal. You can negotiate from a group of prison. or skrastsiuniformuguard. or vkrastitunel. Or keep their tools The escapists stand for freedom of movement.

Do you have content for a while. Do you have a lot to choose from prison (where one of his different levels of difficulty). Though the prison is limited space, it ispovnayadetalyav atvariable, what you want to do to get away from him more than once in different ways.

Fugitive big con is waiting. Waiting to have free time to continue with your plan is just too much.

Excellent retro aesthetics

Control is set to surprise herprastatu.U escapists uses only a few keys or buttons, but you do not need to have your creative work or to go ahead with vashimplany. I have other similar games, you can get promoted loobsa on the initial investment in management training. Here are a few minutesyou are ready to go.

naodnoy graphics level escapists enter a bird’s-eye with 8-bit graphics. His music is also a retro-style with lots of „hooters“. I can not think of a more aesthetic than this, because it reminds me of the classic «La Abadia del Crimen.

a big problemwaiting.

utsyakachmae original premise, there is a lot of content and features, and flaunts a simple but powerful setup control again. Opportunity to get away from all the problems referred to in the game?


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