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The father persuaded his friends to start an illegal casino in his cellar, after he and his wife spent their college fund on their daughter. After the city program scholarship no more funds, two parents left no money to send their daughter to college.
Left withoutOther options they start with a friend’s illegal casino in their home to make money by the end of the summer.

Lee Hayden is an obsolete Western icon with a golden voice, but his best performances are decades behind him. He passed theYears experiencethe old glory and smoke a lot of grassWith his former co-star, who became a trader, Jeremy, to the surprise of cancer diagnosis brings his priorities into focus. He was soon an exciting, controversial relationship with Charlotte’s rebellious comic, and to seek with her crippled daughter, Lucy, to re-connect while searching forThe final role in his cement heritage.

After Scott and Kate Johann (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) lost their daughter Alex College Fund, they desperately omVerdienay back, so he couldaccomplish his dream to attend the university. With the help of their neighbor Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) they decidedTo start an illegal casino in his home.

Lovers is a refreshing, funny look of affection, fidelity and family, with Debra Wing and Tracy Letts as langgetroude and quite modest husband and wife. Both are in the midst of a serious business and are increasingly committed to their new partners. But, onThe edge officially called, a spark among them suddenly unexpected reignites, which led them intoimpulsive romance forcing them to move the funny complications of deception in their lovers. A mixture of humor and powerful emotions, the story is the only fair approach to a modern wedding.


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