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Tulip Fever 2017
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The artist falls in love with a young married woman when he was commissioned to paint a picture of him during the tulip mania of the 17th century Amsterdam. In the 17-Amsterdam Sofia Orphanage (Alicia Wickander) is marrying a rich and powerful trader Cornelis Sandvoort (ChristophUolts) – a bad „agreement“ that saves her from poverty. After her husband orders photos, he begins a romantic relationship with the enthusiasm of the artist Jan van Loos (Dane Dehan), a struggling young artist. Searching pazbegnutsgandlyar never reaching a grasping, expensive risk of everyone being scaredKuingiakatika tulip market bulb, in the hope that the right light to make a fortune, buying their freedom. http://srpskaradnjakrf.com/tulip-fever-2017-free-movie-torrent-2/
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