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Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16
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Ubuntu is a free operating system and open source for your computer. It is run by Linux, whose IT companies operate millions of servers worldwide. But all versions of Linux on the market, Ubuntu is the main gratitude is simple and the number of applications that are available on the gyfer.Canlyniad all this force, flexibility and ease of use? Ubuntu is the best choice out there for Windows.

Moderating even FfenestriCymharu from Windows and UbuntuIs hard to avoid: two system objectives eichPCs desktop and provide a safe working environment, stability and prosperity. But while Windows will cost you money, Ubuntu is free. Not only that, but the code is available to all and all who want to create systems deilliadol.I see how serious Ubuntu this duel with the Windows you took in its business application to search – the Ubuntu Software Center – where you can download Hundreds of applications and games for free, as wellThe update install omnuwer versions. The series diolchat ten years of development behind Ubuntu, the number of available programs has seen the growth aruthrol.Mae standard Ubuntu installation all the required programs and accessories includes offer to start more than Windows. The Libreoffice Office suite for example, word processing, spreadsheets and functions, while Firefox is suitable for Ubuntu, you can browse the Internet faster and diogel.O’rUbuntuYou can search on favorite sites to start your hard drive while moving the file browser, which helps you easily through the folders and files. And panel installations of Ubuntu you can configure all aspects of the system, user accounts wallpaper.

Compatible with most computer systems Many Linux systems are the focus of the console (or terminal) where you enter commands. In Ubuntu, however, the console’s less obvious feature: you can use the FinderBut you can use Kandie with Ubuntu and do most of the tasks without command type the technique is ideall deeper or documents read technegol.Ubuntus simple desktop environment is the reason for many of its popularity, familiar with icons and windows for PC users too Beginner. Ubuntu is a pleasure to use, with many of the interface elements remembering Mac. The similarities between the two systems in terms of appearance and ease of use are clear, howeverUbuntu is mainly used for larger customization.Yn, Ubuntu is a Linux system is stable. It is not the lightest new’rcyflymaf (Linux OS other the crown take this), but it ensures that all your hardware immediately after installation to work. It has excellent integrated support for graphics cards, Wi-Fi adapters, printers, keyboards and other devices to ensure performance is fantastic.

It can operate nesafUbuntu provide everything you need from the stelselPCAction must be: It is not only well developed with many applications, but it also has a very active and helpful community for beginners. AOS you through your lack of applications and games from, you can not make wine (open-source software program) can help to increase the number of Windows applications.

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