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Unturned 3.17
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With despair Dai-Z, who was wrapped in a retro visual style of Minecraft, the game unturned to survive the zombies for people who like a little Levites in their apocalypse.
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Attack the Block

While the angular style can mountaineers first thoughts about this popular game zanataneprevrnut in fact owes moreDai-Z. You are free to nezavidnoPolozhenieto survived the zombie infection common. What to name Natti Baréin hairstyle, you can search the world looking for the supply, transport and weapons.

While multiplayer server from time to time you can catch meet other people while playing cardsin the game, more often than not the only creatures that will meet the vampire. So you have to use Stealth and cunning to survive by Ute in a very advanced stage of the battle.

Touch your blocks

neprevrnutkorišćenjem standard FPS controls. WASD keys Guiding movement as you run, duckand life-saving inventory movements are all comfortably tied around them. shooter elements as familiar with the control buttons on the mouse targeting feels extremely prirodneuprkos abstraction of the world.

contract have nothing in inventory startup is up to you to explore the world to fulfill his backpack for the fight.Here are the games you bright object. When he discovered Zombie (even those who can only crawl) There are nearly unstoppable težnjaIzgleda always be right behind you – even if you’re in the car.

Can run through the world trying to find the items you pomognatda help fight unfortunatelytowards objects is a little hit and (very) Mis. The result is a crazy situation in kojimado good simple inability to use the gun and ammunition that could make them live


Although simplified minecraft looks unturned offers a variety of customization options to ensureusers with different mashiniMoshtnost offer to uživajunjegov open world. This allows to reduce the removal of the stretch, adding extra water effects, shadows, lighting and focus, all of which help to give a spectacular view of the restrictive world. However, it should be notedthat is, regardless of vizuelnipodešavanje to set the night you will next see anything.

Knock them Blockeaus

The untested nice free experience to balance the despair of his world with a funny look and feel. While he may be suffering from some minor problems interface that is no reason not topokušavajuDa to survive suppose that block zombie.


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