Meridian Squad 22 free download torrent

Meridian Squad 22
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About the game:

Humanity is in danger. Trying to escape first colony of people and crew settlement has disappeared. US leadership in the world has decided to send a squadron training to the StarMeridian star to find the crew and bring it home safely.

Meridian: Team 22 game strategy science fiction real-time in single-player focused on building tactics, basic and advanced.But the choice is unique, any tactical decision,Because of its history. Do you take ofensivaruta or on defense? To take account of the lives of his crew’s priorities, or to sacrifice them to prevail without mercy?

Ede Tarsoly, evolved after the game Elder Collaboration Hexany Sound, the award-winning team of designers, you like no resources other tax unparalelled fate to bring an experience 22 squadrons and settlers in the 10+ hours of history advertising format

Its van enemies on the planet Meridian in more than100 production steps in Planetaryconquista

Unity tax conflict, mobility and water

During an hour of music

Fantastic effect is presented to you presented by team design awards

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