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Autodesk Pixlr 1
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Autodesk Pixlr for Windows, is a perfect free photo editor that lets you apply filters, effects and changes to your images easily. This is very useful for editing photos without needing to be an expert.

All that is necessary for basic image editing

AutodeskPixlr is ideal for photo editingis very little time. This provides neobhodimoetak that you can edit your photos without any temporary tools for image editing. That’s all you need basic application processing images, including adding text, borders, effects and filters. You can alsoremove red eye, change resolution, color, contrast, shape and luster of photography, along with many other effects.

To spice up your photos, you will also have the opportunity to addoriginal stickers.

kakietakzheTi want to try more photo editing, Pixlr allow,in the most simple and intuitive way.

Finally, Autodesk Pixlr for Windows, you can save the modified image in PNG, JPEG, BMP or TIFF format and share the potential of Facebook or Twitter you.

rabotenprostor long and dynamic menu

AutodeskInterfeys Pixlr characterized by excellent workability.
Autodesk Pixlr 1 FULL Killa Download Torrent
Working space is very large and feature editing (fast, clarify the effect, imposing limits, Stylisieren and sticker) arranged the lev of the screen.

The menu is dostadinamichno. Simply click on one of them to expand and drag various options and review.You can use all the effects and filtryvideli in the selected category.


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