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Before I Fall 2017
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On the 12th of February, the last to be held is changed in the life of Sam. Stuck seven days, we could be explained Sam untangles the mystery surrounding the death risk of losing him. But if the only change at all? Friendship Samantha Lamb has all things were perfected, entire and perfect future videbatur.Et all that changes. After the fateful night he woke Sam isangna absolutely not going to happen. Often stuck stir samahari and began to question how life is fully complete. And suddenly began to unfoldthe mystery of life, and found the difference of the forces, and the stranger thou mayest exact, and the avenger of the day, not only in the secrets of life, than to live in the circuituilli – which it is always the time it comes up.

ADe girl Samantha is the Lamb, who is in all things: and he shall destroy the worthy boyfriend, my friends is wonderful and looks gorgeous drop of the dead. And on that day, as far as the turning of the wall, as in the last of his life Februari12 Sams. Last week we explained that we Stuck Sam untangles the mystery of death and find the true risk of the valoreminthings.

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