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Jing 2.5
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Techsmith, screen capture the best application, and SnagIt Screencast tool, Camtasia, Jing grew up in the microwave region. For this is a simple plan in the photos and videos on the screen, which allows you to communicate with your friends online so that one rule over you.

Interface is Jing, bubbly in its form, is very similar to a web application for nyata.Menu Jing can be brought back from the sitting to rest in the side of the screen, and at any time. , Which we can be a parumconfundentes to the first. http://srpskaradnjakrf.com/minecraft-1-9-torrent-download/
Jing is a set of crosshairs hangingyou can choose the area that you want to focus on in the menangkap.Kemudian if I have any, or have been captured. Application with some tools to edit text color, or the arrows, and this is very rare.
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fiturJing history is pretty cool and shows your thumbnails that you open up by double clicking it takes to a little recently. Nevertheless, getting online open you must do.

sementaraJingomni now and then, it does not tend to lag, requires a perfect desktop companion for anyone, having regard to the basic Screencasts and the capture of.


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