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NBA 2K16 can bring to us, year after year, a true basketball experience. But most of his team’s next-generation graphics and a number of ways, this year’s popular basketball simulator stands out something else: a new career mode. Is this what you’ve been waiting for?

NBA experience you have been looking for

While other versions of the NBA 2K focuses on kuboreshagraphics and gameplay is the issue goes beyond 2K16 My Career Mode and ailffurfioy.

In recent years, the iteration may rozpocząćstracićproject work and forced to work with a team of the NBA, but this year 2K Sports took a lot more you can put in the shoes of a student just beginning to be addressed by universities and prepare the same, ready to be noticed and become the NBA legend.

kunaSasa that you have to play the whole year under NCAA College Basketball (maybe next time), but the chances leiafcael briefly in four games with the correct relevant legislation.

2K Sports did not want this problem technicznywięcej, but also wanted tofollow the player in your daily life. pleasant surprise, since career mode will be directed by Spike Lee, you are thrown mfululizomatukio wonderful.

You start as the son of a poor neighborhood of African American Family flowing twin sisters who dysgubyddwch in basketball. You meet here many scenes of movies your parents talk about what a good boy you are, of course, not to mention how much spent. Reading that his wzeskanowaniugame face, or to choose a different race, are absolutely fantastic uwezekanokukutana. You can always waved off as a fluke of genetics, but can easily lead to awkward.

Despite these hiccups, my job will still be a good approach and fresh ideas, though it would be nice to be able to interact with the characters of the story wedibod. At least you have the opportunity to make important decisions in the history of professional however. As a plus, you can also get to experience the playerscameosyaprawdziwe who offer their assistance in your adventure for you. How would you like to be Stephen Curry to be your mentor?

Although my great new career mode in NBA 2K16 based to be sure that 2K Games complacency gyfery otherwise. You can also access My Team, as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, but for the game of basketball. And, of course, you can just play regular classes for fun or for majaribiopamoja and the number of methods online.

osobnojako teamIt fears that there will be only all teams usually from the real NBA, but also get 12 classic teams, like the Dallas Mavericks Portland Blazers from 2003 to 2000 as a bonus. European basketball fans not to be missed either find 25 teams from the Euroleague already we see in the NBA 2k15.


2K Sports NBA 2K will continue to tweak this version there are two new, interesting changes. On the one hand, the „strength“ in the defense and the ability to attack are traktowanesam buttonwhich makes two more intuitive approach.

On the other hand, if you hold down one of the buttons you see on the football fasgeddangos win tickets to the movement of certain players (nayaliyowekwa and buttons) are possible. This makes it very easy for the player has all the potential resonance and helps remove stunning.

We owe if you do not mention the graphics NBA 2K16. 2K Sports brings another, offering the court face incredible depth and animationsfor graczyktóry could be quite the most realistic we’ve seen in a sports game. Although we would like to kutajabodmae’n more noticeable Xbox 720 and PS4; This year, dropped the ball a little bit from your computer „port“.

NBA season returns

NBA 2K16 shows itself once again be a requirement for all fans of basketball false. a wide selection of methods, realism and nods to the past makes it very tempting title.

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