Suicide Squad 2016 Moogle download torrent

Suicide Squad 2016
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Composition suicide HD 2016-TS x264-CPG

Oh boy, where I played with this film for myself different sources show ,, Latin, Russian, and some of them are private, but not really looking for the last one week, because the film is so horrible

Then, finally, Jared Leto aliasJoker sayamengirimkan 1080p as well, that a good video well, and then relax and, of course,

work on it a rotating crop, resize, some mathematical magic blue white Walter, vivid contrast only 2 minutes less than in the original video, so I cut Chech Latinomencetakand add add my post-credits scene. Suicide Squad 2016 Full Download Torrent

Suicide Squad 2016
Now, a full resynchronization for digital audio

have English subtitles encoding and subtitles in English for foreign parts

as the film was shot in 99% dark is the best camera you think


P / S: It would bestrangely enough,

For this film

What a hell of a horse this film seriously look at this film, and I was like WTF are you tormenting me ** kerz David Ayer is to F ** king ban to make DC, cheDouchebag F ** K this shit for a great marketing technique, but great to get, and if one of you menontonsemuatrailer of the film, let me tell you that you have seen this

Jared Leto suck you like sex in the movie, but hey, instead of THX

Enjoy tattaaa next time !!!

release Information

Video: AVC 2300kbps 720×320 25fps

Audio: MP3 @ 192 Kbps digital audio


Subtitles: English for foreign InggrisBahasa +parts

Post Credit Scene: including FFS

Example: Barking

Source: V: Joker A: Harley Queen THX good

Encoder: CPG



Repeat DUI somewhat eccentric encoders and confidence tamabin


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Repack Features

Based on non-scene release: GB

Additonal audio adds: GB

All translation / translation of