Transmission Qt 2 Torrent

Transmission Qt 2
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Transmission Qt is an official Windows port of the popular BitTorrent client for Mac transmission. And like the Mac version, the simple, fast and very easy kutumia.interface in Transmission Qt is clean and clear. You can have different priority levels for rivers and establishing speed limits set by clicking turtle icon under perfect interface to the amount of bandwidth used to control for uploading and downloads.Tranmission-Qt enables to filter your list mujibukwa torrent download,seeds, faltered and more .customerHe can organize transfers to adding the command string, date, name and process, and also allows you to label, filter and fix streams and segments and the total activity. Transmission Qt supports data encryption as well, if you prefer your stay binafsi.Shukrani transfers to its simple design, will transfer Qt be able to display all the necessary information without really seeming crowded. On the downside, it does not so much figures as you wantfind other similar katikaprogramu asuTorrent.Pamoja and lackthe figures above, transmission Qt is fast, intuitive and highly functional BitTorrent client.

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