Slender: The Eight Pages 0 Windows XP/7/8 Installer Torrent

Slender: The Eight Pages 0
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Slim is a horror first-person your goal is to only eight manuscripts slender man, a paranormal creature was found. Slenderman is on a similar theme continues in the previous game,But it’s not nearly as scary or success.

The story behind slender What? In MitoaLerdena is known only rumors Internet meme. This is the story of a man, alike creature mythical tall, thin figure wearing a black suit iprazno depicted as a lice.Prema Slenderman legend to stretch or slip and leg Duran its liking. Memory loss man slender, insomnia, can cause paranoia,Washing (nicknamed „slendersickness“), distorted images and video IP and teleport at will.

How important the game is SlenderOsnovna ask for direct contact with the man, sewers azkarragoArrazoia. So, be careful not to be too long and enemyzapamtiteda your flashlight battery is limited, so it is possible to save him from time to time you have to be you. In addition, further lower maximum durability a sprint, so you need to do whenduzunSprint only potrebno.Da is scary? Working with a slim build atmosphere creepy, but still have very basic. It seems you only your flashlight and crickets chirping in the way your voice awkwardly through the woods in search of manuscripts.However, the words of the last 8 games to keep the helburuaEskuzko ograničen.Kontrole ograničenai quite small so it is simple:

Mouse – Look Around

V, A, S, D – Movement

Left Shift – sprint

Left mouse click – time website

Click the right mouse button- Lampa

P – in / zoom pitanjaImajte outTehnička note duzuedo WinZip WinRAR unpack slender slender Dovnload.Pošto game originally was published, many spinoffs have different levels of quality. We tested one of these workers that Softonic najstrašnijatako forget to check out how they see the gamehorror zaključakTanakcreepy worth a try if you’ve ever heard the myth about men and slender.

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