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Transformers The Game
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Transformers game is an action-shooting game in the third person that brings you into an open world environment where you must fill in a common goal to be able to take on side missions. The game is available for Wii PC Xbox 360 and PS3. Many people praised the excellent use of motion controlWii Transformers game.

A lot of action and plenty to do

You can hit the ground running Autobots where you must save mankind iliDeseptikony where you have the entireElectronics of the country Decepticons unishtozhichovechestvoto turn off. In this game you will play as a transformer, which is able to change the vehicle so that some of the targets include competition from one place to another. They have five options for the attacks, from which close up collected items contains, Dada used against their enemies. The Wii version lets you play as additional characters does not allow any other formats. If you play Wii, you can also use Shockwave kakRatchetBonecrusher and fight.

Conclusion – on mixed reviews, but the rest of the big game

Transformers There are an uneven curve complexity of camera angles of less thanperfect at the moment, and many people believe that the game is too short. However, the inventive game is a difficult task, and graphics and sound effects are widely praised by the critics. In view, cheizhodniyat material is actually scary movie, one must admit that transformatoryIgraweitWhat many might expect.

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