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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 x64 torrent
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013
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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 (32 bit + 64) – 2010kaiser

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Release the CTM


Release date: 24/10/2012



SIZE: 851.449.856 bytes

SHA-1: 774120F3A5F36B65545864D2A40B927F13B19A94

MD5: 125BAD01818BC84CCC30F5FE03ABD947

CRC: 13E338D5

NOTE: MLF is the original image.

MLF-Licensing Microsoft Licensing

MSVLSC – Microsoft Volume Licensing Service.

10 | 31 | 2012 |

Release date: 24/10/2012



Size:742 877 184 bytes

SHA-1: 08754B82E704B324E23ACD088CF3D6C3B6D2DCF8

MD5: 53A44DE5C96352EB70374002DC278CBD

CRC: D08D48A5

NOTE: MLF is the original image.

MLF – Microsoft licensing

MSVLSC – Microsoft Volume Licensing Center.

10 | 31 | 2012 |

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Microsoft Office 2013 PROLUS English VL (x86, x64) June 2016

Information about broadcasting

– Language: English (en-US).

– space: bulk license

– version (SP1)

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Verification tool: English, French, Spanish

– Updated June 14, 2016

Update package key: KB3115162, KB3023049, KB3039795, KB3115151, KB3115154, KB3115167, KB3115163, KB3115158, KB3115015, KB3114725, KB3115164, KB3115033

BetterProtection: KB3115159, KB3115020, KB3115173

Default fine installation (slightly modified with OCT – Office Fine Tool)

– exceed the EULA

– select default settings – all programs and features will be installed by default, except for Lync (Office 2013 PROPLUS) and Office Telemetry ** (Office 2013 / application) – You can clearly change the necessary configuration options

* Lync = Skype for businesses in the office of 2016 (why do not you need to install it orAccept the update option from Microsoft Update.

This means that the default installer will install Lync (Skype for Business), whether the computer will install Skype or not.

If you decide to install Skype for Business from Office for Office, you will run a Skype setup wizard to help you get started. Skype When you start Windows, install Skype to click Skype, set as Bing as search engine and MSN as your home page.Then login.

This is where confusion begins. What account do I use? If you select a Skype name and use an existing (personal / home) account, you will create two computers, Skype for personal accounts and Skype for your corporate account. If you choose a Microsoft account, it will create a new Live ID with your work email address – something you may not need.

** Telemetry Office (Why you do not want to share your information)

The Telemetry Desktop displays file namesAnd file names in each user, may disclose personal or confidential information about users or organizations. Display names and other instructions used by the office.

Telco agents collect inventory lists, use and other information, and upload to a shared folder processed by a service called a telemetry processor and integrated into an SQL database. Linking to Dashboard Telemetry connects to this database to show the use of files, add-onsAnd editing.

Folder folders

– KMSpico + Toolkit from Microsoft BETA 5 (Activator)

– Classic Office menu (add Office 2003 bar and menu for Office 2013)

– Office tab (edit some files from a single tab bar)

– Version before uninstallation (Office 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Disable / Restore ‘Login’ in Office (reg file)

– turn off / restore the telemetry office 2013 (reg file)

Source file


– Remove any versions that have been installedBefore uninstalling (folder folders) and restart as needed.

-Install / burn out and release ISO file

– Install Office 2013

– Activate the Microsoft Toolkit (folder) premium, press the Office button, install Auto, and enable the feature)

– Install Visual Studio for Office Runtime (Silver file)


– Classic Office + menu

– Office Tab + series

– archive archive / restore file Log Office 2013 to remove / restore login(Restart).

– Integration of Reg files with Disable / Restore Office 2013 functions Telemetry to remove / restore meaning

System requirements

Windows 7 with SP1 + Server / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server200 R2 (64-bit for Office 64 bit)


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6 Torrent Download
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6
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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Multilingual

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC – Capture the full spectrum of light. Create incredible images from complex high-contrast scenes. The new HDR Merge allows you to combine multiple photos taken with different exposure settingsIn one large dynamic range of images.

Students: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom KZ:

HDR images easily

A natural look or surreal painting with extremely high contrast scenes. Using HDR Merge, you can easily combine multiple images taken from rosinal exposure in one largeDynamic range.


Interests Supervide vision and incredible details. Photomerge technology allows multiple images to be held together, including raw files, to create perfect panoramas.

Better performance

Import and improve your photosever. Lightroom uses a user-friendly GPU to improve its overall speed, especially if the image is enhanced in the Develop Module.

Face recognition

Quickly find pictures of family and friends, even without metadata tags. Choose one person in the photos of Lightroom and look for a man in your ownAllother numbers. It also classifies group photographs based on the face.

Advanced Video Slideshows

Creates beautiful, polished slideshows with photos, videos and music, as well as professional effects like flicker search.

Polipsheniveb gallery

Show your work in more sophisticated,Interesting and interactive web galleries.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6 32-Bit Torrent
New templates of HTML5 compatible images with a wide range of mobile workstations.

Better control filters

Strict control of the operation affects the cooling of radial filters. Now you can use the brush to edit itFilter mask by adding or removing filter effects wherever you want.

Easy sharing of photos

Publishing a web gallery from Lightroom. Get feedback on photos, discussions and all over the Lightroom mobile device or desktop.

Multiple device support

Lightroom is now on AndroidDevices. And just like on the iPad and iPhone, all the changes are synchronized with the computer.

Visual story

Remove images from LightroomAdobe To Voice and Slate on iPad or iPhone, in processing visuals and animations. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC free download

Improvement of the kopipast

IPad or iPhone, you can quickly copy the settings from one photoAnd paste them on the other for ultra-fast processing.

Perfect pitch

Overlay presentation IPadabo on the iPhone, to display photos without accidentally installing or editing them.

Quick search Photo

Sehmentavatsvid on iPad or iPhone can help you find your favorite photosFaster than ever.

Rapid tuning part

Processed iPad and iPhone apps allow you to quickly adjust automatically aligned and correct your photos.

System Requirements:

– Intel or AMD 64-bit support *

– Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Windows 8 or Windows,

– 2GB RAM (4GB recommendedSe)

– 2 GB free hard disk space

– A DVD-ROM is required when purchasing an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version of the box

– OpenGL and DirectKs 10 enabled Video Adapter functionality associated with the GPU

– are necessary for the necessary activation of the Internet Connection Software and Registration, ConfirmationSubscription to online services.

Thatnev in Photoshop Lightroom CC



DAEMON Tools Pro 8 32bit-64bit FULL Torrent
DAEMON Tools Pro 8
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Daemon Tools Pro 8 is a state-of-the-art software program that has professional experience with well known. This was an effective work of disk images and virtual disks. Despite the fact that interactive experiments and trials have previously been used, the Pro 8 features more and moreComes with a free trial of 14 days, ideally suited for beginners to the daemon. Adobe Flash Player for IE 15

Get emulated without fuss

The new version of Daemon Tools features, although professionally allowing the Vibe user to photograph the physical configuration according to specific parameters to take over.They may contain confidential data or a private TrueCrypt information tool. Instead, WerkzeugeDaemon Pro 8 also lets you produce at least 32 parts per million DT, HD and SCSI other, separated by four IDE devices.
It is also possible for the user of a virtual disk without physical installationAnd follow the instructions on the drive with the deaktivieren’Virtual burner module. “ It is ideal for anyone who wants to create an audio CD or image data, as well as edit existing ones. Finally, it can be used on the 8th using the Windows Explorer and the main window and the processingImages of DAEMON Tools.

Competitive professional?

This program is useful if you are mitEmulation, but has limited use for ordinary users. The media panel is great when you read and check the application you want.



Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud‎ 2017
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CCC 2017 Adobe Master Collection

Creative Cloud offers the best creative tools in the world, always updated. And now all the programs and resources, including new Adobe images, always at your fingertips, wherever they serve.
Adobe Creative Cloud 1 torrent download And everything is perfectly connected through Adobe Creative Sync technology, so you can easily make your best ideas on your best projects on desktops and mobile devices. Do it Creative cloud

CCC 2017 Adobe Master Collection Includes list ofApplications:

Persistence Adobe CC 2017 Multilingual (X64)

Adobe Animate CC 2017 Multilingual (x64)

Adobe Audition CC 2017 Multilanguage

Adobe Bridge CC 2017 Multilingual (x86x64)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Multilingual (x86x64)

Adobe InCopy CC 2017 Multilingual (x86x64)

Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Multilingual (x86x64)

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 Multilanguage

Adobe Muse CC Multilanguage + crack

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Multilingual (x86x64)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Multilanguage




AdobeFreeDownload for Adobe CS2 with work serial numbers on your website. While the software can be installed only offered by anyone as an additional service for existing customers who have acquired a license for Adobe CS2 legal.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 is a collection of photography and web applications that originally premiered in 2005.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications included are:

Adobe Creative Suite CS2 (Standard) Acrobat Adobe Premiere 3D (Windows) Acrobat StandardAcrobatProAuditionGoLive CS2Illustrator CS2InCopy CS2InDesign CS2Photoshop CS2Photoshop Pro element This is a set of applications for a suite, but it is very useful for graphic and web designers. The latest version of Adobe Creative Suite is currently in the 6th generation and has tons of updates of Adobe Creative Suite 2 in front. However, the user, the program works with pleasure in modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8 have been installing software in compatibility mode, as well.

OPhotoshop is Adobe Creative Suite 2 is still very useful and offers tools for basic image editing. Users looking for a free and modern alternative for Photoshop want to try GIMP.

AdobeAcrobat Pro is also outdated. The latest version is Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.
Users who just wanted the Adobe Reader XI or Foxit Reader PDF viewer.

It’s good to see that Adobe allows users to continue using Adobe Creative Suite 2, but there are more modern and free applicationsThey can serve better.



Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker 4 torrent download
Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker 4
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Continue to improve the quality of translation

Thank you!

Your contribution will be used to improve the quality of the translation and can be displayed on anonymous users



How to install:

1) .instrukciitese participation,If necessary.

2). It’s more and enjoy.

Contact us:

/ * * / Com

. Adobe Audition CC 2014 Torrent Download .


Game Maker Lite 8 Torrent
Game Maker Lite 8
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Have you ever had a fantasy he went into creating your own computer game but did not know about programming? If so, look at Game Maker.

Game Maker requires no prior knowledge of programming or creating games. It is only necessary to paste elements cutat into a game as much as you using a word processor.

Game Maker is very community driven, which means there is an advanced user forum and consumer guide banners to help youNgDossena seizes it. YoYo Games offers eight clearly explained lessons to begin.

This does not mean you can make great games in just a few minutes. Game Maker still takes some time to adjust and learn. Game Maker is also limited by size – after ngtulad your creations reach a certain size, you can not develop, even a beginner, it’s a long time to reach this stage.

Game Maker is an interesting project that has a great platformaDa makapagsimulasa itMaking games offers.


Age of Empires III Windows XP/7/8/10 FULL Download Torrent
Age of Empires III
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The government of the most amazing games and legendary civil war ever style.

Now in this third part, the price of the art of the New World. Players are able to develop European nations from the time of Discovery in the industrial era. There are eight fighters battle against nationand in different soil – Florida swamps of the first to the Rocky Mountains. SPlayer 3 7 Windows 7/8/10 FULL Download Indians and tribes to travel through them, try mengambildidukung by government regulations imperijataKje return to Europe.

There is no doubt that visually, with outstanding play looks at some of the bestgraphics seen in the series Age of Empires. However, developers of graphics realism seems to be stronger than reason.

However, attention to detail is that I violated the order, so that some things in the history of the game is to find reality. The era of government, Amerikaupah seems to representtribes of spiritual hundred metalgodini suddenly ever made!

3 great on you and give strength to the largest, the game has the potential to pay more attention to the truth of the matter is likely to work the achievements of developers rather than graphics.

Age of EmpiresIIIS result of the war games Age of Empires real time acquaintance. This expansion pack also includes a package winner. Age Of Empires II Age of download torrent

iniperang Roman lien as far as the Middle Ages to the classic rock of the fall of it. Lets kontrolakontrola 13 1 2 civilization Britons, Byzantines,Celts, Goths, Teutons, a smile, a chance for France, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Persians, Saracens and Turks, AC malesuada. If you’ve played the game before, you know, as far as exercise – have for yourself and your days of the war, soldiers gathered together: they come out todetermine the strength of the military, you may be able to draw – or dead.

2adalah rules of the game is mnogudetalna, it is difficult to play, but it was not hers. Though now old enough to play this game is very intuitive and realistic in that context. Very nice touchesability to play Age of Empires 2 story as a leader and as William Wallace, Gengis Khan, and many people will find it difficult to reject the proposal! You will be able to play against the computer or another opponent.

The government will dipecat11 year, far more than 2, and substitute for it was not contestedhold force, and a variety of online flow 3. That said, Age of Empires 2 is a classic despite the fact that it looks a little outdated, entitled acid from the fans. Then you have the diehard AGE2?

2 classic absolute command. If you enjoy now will soon.



Safari 5.1 update x64 x86 Goldmine Download Torrent
Safari 5.1
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Apple’s, was widely criticized when it was at the outset a very buggy and unstable Safari for Windows, launched. Much has changed since then, and Safari 5 have come a long way since the introduction as the new reading icon for easier reading on the page, select a faster timeand greatly enhanced support for HTML5 for better support and video stability.

All the original features, such as tabs at the top for easier page management and vokladkiObtsyakanne contained in tab to view sites style Itunes.

Very nicetouchApple,

Safari was the first browser on Windows, to run the Top Sites, which is one of the most amazing aspects of Safari. Top Sites shows panoramic miniature version of the most visited sites in a single window. You simply click on the window you want to visit, to go directly to the site.If you tend to shtodnyanavedvanne sites, Top Sites is an easy way bekomJy open a browser without the need to use the bookmark as quickly as possible. It is also a good way to keep track of what sites you visit the most,and you can find your favorite sites in oneThis item is, so you always know where it is when you open Safari. Pages with a star in the corner shows that with new content so you can see which sites have been updated.

between tymCover Flow it will be known to all users ITunes, allowing you to view your bookmarksfull bladsyverspreidings of dieWebwerwe, they looked for the last time. The principle is based on viewing albums in Itunes. Although it looks cool, it is its usefulness is questionable.

But the searchhistory is useful. Just enter a word and Safari shows every page he shit with that word.Very useful if you can not remember, dePekla not see the name of a particular person or a game.

Add Reader allows you to store all your content to besigtigBladsy, although there is no way to change the font. There are also a variety of search options for the search box in Safari, so younot linked with Google.

Other useful functions include Safari tabs at the top inside, making it easier to gain access to tabbladsyekab getto the top of the Safari. You can even drag and drop tabs into another Safari window.

He also will continue to all the standard features in Safari. when you presson the RSS tag in the string, click URL, jyKry can review all posts in the feed, you can offer a chronological and detailed review and get a title.

Stable and comfortable

safaryBolshasts remove errors originally made it inconvenient to use a computer and nowtime is very stable and user-friendly browser. HTML5 support has been improved, which meansthat it is now HTML5 video can be carried out in full plus HTML5. Geolokasie feature is now available to Safari users.

opgevolgIn Safari also greatly simplified by the more predictive addressline, which is in fact the sites in search keywords archiving true if you viewed certain pages is more precise and more sophisticated. Speed ​​has always been the essence in Safari and Apple’s, stepped up the pace with the Nitro improved engine, which, he claimed thatJavaScript is much faster than previous versionsare exported.

Not the best, but definitely smooth

Safari Sun invoegtoepassings nieVergeleke available with Firefox and Chrome, but there is no doubt that Apple’s Safari touch of style and class written on the computer.


Microsoft NET Framework RC 4 Pickle Download Torrent
Microsoft NET Framework RC 4
Av check

.NET Framework without the world’s leading software developer Microsoft allows users to create Web, desktop and mobile applications designed to work on mobile devices, personal computers and Windows servers, and is also included in the package for VisualStudio. Applications developed in this context can reach a global audience of nearly a quarter of a billion customers in a wide range of devices such as Windows, desktop, mobile, Surface Hub, Holi lens and Xbox.


Framevork .NET is a comprehensive and consistent programMicrosoft’s models to create applications that have been received online communication and the ability to model a wide range of business processes related. Provides significant improvements in applications such as CLR (Common Language Runtime) and the main (class Librari base) BCL, new mapped in memoryFiles and numeric types, a series of interesting innovations in jezikuBasic and Visual C # programming, as well as support for Windows functions to touch, multitouch, tape management, task bar extended functions, Surface and SK. VFC Data Services is one of the key components of the framework, which simplifiesThe creation of representatives of the Member State Transfer (REST) ​​on the basis of services and applications that use the Open Data protocol (o-data) for downloading and disclosing data over the network.

User interface framework

Currently, a total of five repetitions of this structure, khususnia.NET Framevork 4, .NET Framevork,With the support of SP1 (Service Pack 1), that the service pack is included in this iteration. This version supports the .NET Framework Service Pack 2, the .NET Framevork of the additional support for SP1 and .NET Framevork, which also supports SP1. You can have multiple versions of installed okvira.NET and coexistenceNata same machine, without loss of function. In most cases, you can menggunakanlelaran the latest framework for running applications created with older versions of BASIC. The latest Framevork 4 automatically pushes ahead with previously installed, old applications. This application requires .NETFramevork, which they intend to pre-installed, except for the programeraobezbedi configuration file to install the application to run on the .NET Framevork version 4.

In conclusion, an increase in the number of programmenggunakan database and the update of Windows requires the user to install the latest version,Which makes it a must have for developers and ordinary users. Sometimes users may experience problems installing, upgrading and reinstalling the program. Popravkada tool Microsoft should download free you can save Framevork .NET fully optimized and completelyAre able to compete with developers and restless lives in digital and Internet users of Windows. „


Transformers The Game Download Torrent
Transformers The Game
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Transformers game is an action-shooting game in the third person that brings you into an open world environment where you must fill in a common goal to be able to take on side missions. The game is available for Wii PC Xbox 360 and PS3. Many people praised the excellent use of motion controlWii Transformers game.

A lot of action and plenty to do

You can hit the ground running Autobots where you must save mankind iliDeseptikony where you have the entireElectronics of the country Decepticons unishtozhichovechestvoto turn off. In this game you will play as a transformer, which is able to change the vehicle so that some of the targets include competition from one place to another. They have five options for the attacks, from which close up collected items contains, Dada used against their enemies. The Wii version lets you play as additional characters does not allow any other formats. If you play Wii, you can also use Shockwave kakRatchetBonecrusher and fight.

Conclusion – on mixed reviews, but the rest of the big game

Transformers There are an uneven curve complexity of camera angles of less thanperfect at the moment, and many people believe that the game is too short. However, the inventive game is a difficult task, and graphics and sound effects are widely praised by the critics. In view, cheizhodniyat material is actually scary movie, one must admit that transformatoryIgraweitWhat many might expect.


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