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BlackBerry Link 1
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BlackBerry Link BlackBerry 10 devices connected to the PC is the official program. In fact, BlackBerry Desktop Software, as but specifically for BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry links to all mobile content and sync photos, music, videos and all kinds of files from your computer or via Wi-Fi or USB control.BlackBerry Link supports Windows Media Player and ITunes, to synchronize music sempurna.perangkat 10 Software BlackBerry Desktop also allows you to backup duzuduzu isitelepon, ivstanovyty new software updates: every time a new version of BlackBerry sync reference tersedia.SertaContent is very useful to transfer the entire contents of the old BlackBerry Link is ideal for the new BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 is easy. BlackBerry Link is a modern design, the flow of UI BlackBerry 10. Surfing the web interface elements under tiles and distribution through the use of very convenient. mobileperangkat itemstransferitzekoPC and back schobBlackBerry Desktop Software Link mereka.BlackBerry dragging a new face, a beautiful face and practical. But remember that only works with BlackBerry 10.

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