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Google Earth 7
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Google Earth allows you to see the world from all angles thanks to satellite images, aerial photographs and Street View. Powerful search engine, the amount of information andimages Alarge, and upotrebaTova make his way easier to find liveplanetwe best, but also the sky, the moon and even Mars.

Explore the world with Google Earth Google Earth is a kind of interactive 3D atlas. You can see what (almost) all over the world seem. In national parks, the largest city,And even under water, all of the wonders of the world only aclick immediately. If the world is not enough for you to enjoy images of the Moon and Mars, and navigatebetweenstars. Google search engine to help you find the needthelocation for new Froman, coordinates with GPS. Google Earth offers many layers contain information sites, such as borders, roads, buildings, 3D, tree, photos, and; You also will be able to add content to Google Earth,Such as pictures of the place you visited. Google Earth combines functionality Street View, available in Google Maps, to roam freely around some cities.
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In addition to these features, Google Earth allows you to measure the distance of time,Check, save images, and even flew an airplane flight sSimulatorat.

Traveling with your mouse to navigate Google Earth is very intuitive, and all you need is a mouse or a button on the screen.You can enlarge, rotate the view, and travel with ease around Zemyata.Shto means virtual happy with Street View, you can start by dragging the icon of the street with the Little Guy (shown in blue). Navigation is excellent as well;itsas mishkata.Tarsachkite easy scrolling and other options can all be found in the left menu, you can do little to enjoy the view. Basic instrumentfantastichno and Google Earth is amazing to observe the world and our environment.Photo impression of the engine, as most of the places to visit in detail. The structure and content provided by different procedures will be improved redovno.Google Earth is a large project that will take youhalfway around the world without leaving yourcouch.


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