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MAGIX Video Pro X8
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MAGIX Video Pro X8 (x64)

MAGIX Video Pro X is ideal for editing software for video production intuitive and powerful. This series of multi-award-winning video editing focuses on the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers not ailamrywiaeth of powerful post-production tools.

professional video editing

Access detailed editing options, excellent performance and cinematic effects at the top of the picture and sound quality.

video production

Choose from a wide variety ooffersovershenstvovaniyavashiframes, such as GPU-optimized video effects, precision instruments for measuring and Multicam editing.

sound editing

real-time audio mixer, keyframes sample-accurate control and editor, as well as studio-quality effects âtunnell provides everything you need to to optimize the sound.


Access to all additional services, such as plug-in NewBlue appearance package, which includes striking color filters and transition effects, or ProDAD Mercalli V2 amsefydlogiimage perfectly.

The most important features:

-ProfessionalSupport for the format (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Edit deputy scalability for smooth video editing 4K

– 3-way color correction Secondary and Primary

– Multicam editing to fynynaw tracks at the same time

– Support comprehensive action

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– Hardware decoding for HD and UHD (,)

– NewBlue Look: color filters of the highest quality for memorable films

What’s new in MAGIXVideo Pro X8:

game shot

trosglwyddofideo harakteristikodno visual to another. The program matchesthe color and tonal values ​​of two separate video in a completely automatic.

360 degree camera editing

Video Pro X provides a wide range of options for editing of film cameras gorffennol360.

4K / Animation Department

4K material used to create sections and parts of the image in the lower-resolution frames.

NewBlue Film Look Color:

– Change the color and light to give your movie a classic look.

– colorFixer Pro: adjust the color balance, saturation, and yarkostizobrazheny.

– Gradient Tint: To improvecolor images with a wide range of filters.

– Focus: Set the area of ​​the image under the microscope.

– Glow Pro: Create a warm light, adding highlights to the original image.

Extended exposure function

manwllliw and tonal correction value enables you to edit individual RGB channels brightness and accurate.

Modern header templates

In more than 250 titles of new templates have been redesigned and are availablelook and a modern structure.

support OpenFX

Now alliOpenFX used as a standard plug-in videoeffect by directly Mediapool.


Video Pro X is the world’s first video editing program for Intel hardware-accelerated with ultra-fast.

native support for ProRes

The latest version is cynnwysadeiledig in support for Apple ProRes video codec.

New in this version:

* Fixed problem with importing MXF files

* Fixed rare crashes while exporting HEVC

* Allowsextension of very small objects in the timeline

* Zoom slider to polozhenieDialog / size of brydGellir recycling normally

* The values ​​in/ Update dialog is now the size of the position again when the playback marker moves

* Visual Alignment of position / size of the effect rendered all the way (GPU and CPU)

* Distortion static image because the position / size and cutting effect

* Image rotating and cutting fixed distortion combined effect

* Fixed a bug related titles andcutting effect

* Fixed an issue when reusing previously deactivated impact on the terms of impact

* Ispravlenaoshibka, which prevents „Video level“ empty set keyframes

*Fixed crash when leaving the way Multicam

* Audio recording is not finished when the ESC key is pressed in another application

* Fixed a bug that could prevent in the first use of rhaglenyn ends

* Fixed a bug in Camera / Increase Travel Talk

* Fixed crash when changing the number of monitors in place and once in a wayidle

* Black frames away in the proxy file, if „cropping video“ option is enabled

* Fixed crash when llwythoeffektashablony

* Image distortion static error (BMP) resized and keyframe

* Fixeda bug where the object is drawn on a closed track, when considering the effects / design facility in accordance with this

* Fixed crash when using long file iawnllwybrau

* Added an error message when loading invalid lookup table

* Fixed crash when loading tables refer unsupported

*Fixed saving projects / lookup tables with load

* Improved speed impacts based desktop search

* Fixed a bug in the update window prosmotramonitor advance in changing the look-up table

Miscellaneous * Fixed crashes in impactcalculations

* Improved quality edge with moving objects

* Fixed a bug can be animated objects (especially the title) will flash for a short time when they leave the area visible

* Fixed a bug where the object for a short timereappear in the initial position (only if the object has been removed from the previously displayed on the screen)

* The effect of the distortion of color brightness / contrast is not allowed, unless the start or end of the curve is being moved

* Improved speed for most of the effectsof watching / Animation

* Fixed a bug when loading / saving keyframes on effects OpenFX

* Values ​​are recorded incorrectly in the dialogue when the impact OpenFX or vice baragraffauoddion the review and renewal in force

* Alpha channel material can be turned off in the dialog box currently chroma key

Restored * button to check luma chroma key dialog and status

* Fixed issues with Mercalli image sefydlogideunydd interlaced (DVD)

* The full path to proektupapku launch dialogue in the box will be displayedagain

* Timeline Animation improvement (scaling behavior, performance, adds new maps) and eliminates failures

* Minor responses in defnyddiwrrhyngwyneband localization



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