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Sage femme 2017
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Grandma gets an unexpected news from an old father’s mistress. Claire is a midwife in the maternity ward. It is human and completely useful and delivers to its patients. But his life is not a rose bed for everyone. Her mother will close the door and put a woman in order not to work in a new modern hospitalWhich feels like a „baby factory“. Her private life is also one of the triumphs and friends of the world. Upstairs, the Son of the Son’s son SimonAbandonando gradually develops a new relationship with the beloved Lucie. This is the moment to choose Batrice, the former lover of her late father, to revive. EccentricThe woman, taken away, sensual and immoral (exactly the opposite, in fact) is really the last type of person to be mixed up. But Batrice immediately informs him of a brain tumor, and she no longer has to work. Torn between the rejection of the iobianese, yes, Claire?

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