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Ashampoo Burning Studio v16
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The universal solution for burning: the new Burning Studio 16 is the mountain of data, movies and music on each CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Burn everything from simple data CD in a very complex film with subtitles, just say so. Easy to use, logically structured and without any technical knowledgebenefits. New Burning Studio 16 makes the most of your files, photos and movies, as well as to discover the full potential of your computer. Burning Studio 16 Link applications for combustion class!


burning, Design and archive with greater speed, security and creativity

So simple, Sogut

unexcelledin the comfort

Prepare for your creativity

absolutely safe

Burning Studio is a multi-use burning software package. It provides all the tools necessary to create and burn CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs (data and audio and video) and provides opportunities for board design folders, creating anddisc image management, rewritable brisanjeDiskovi and more.

Create and record CD, DVD and Blu-lucheiPilaiuschi AshampooStudiia offers a wide range of ways to burn files to various media such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray. The software allows the automatic start of theencrypted CD containing data recording and copying disks in all polnote.Eto also ideal for creating audio CDs (MP3 and WMA), listen to the stereo or video recording on DVD or Blu-Rai, odUdobnosti your home to watch . Burning Studio includes an editor for creating projectionsslides and supports VCD and SVCD formatisozdavat videokasset.S with Burning Studio allows you to back up your files to create gespeichertauf computer or portable device (smartphone). Comfortable inverse function to restore files is also available, allowing you torecover files that already have sohranili.V In addition to these functions, Burning Studio offers plenty of comfortable adapt ways to create IhreCD box and sleeve. Available in various types, depending on the size of paper you want to print, including a DVD case for handling Blu-ray,DVD booklet and CD Burning Studio oblozhki.Ashampoo disk image for printing from the creation, and supports the following disk formats FormateASHDISC, CUE / BIN and ISO.Nakonets, it is worth noting that the software’s ability dasadrži completely erase rewritable disks.

IspolzovaniiAshampoo Easy Burning Studiohas two interfaces. Classic interface, from which you access to all functions, a reduced interface called compact mode, where you add files, you can hotitechtobi mountain, just by dragging and dropping. This second way can be called Ekspres way as to create discs in instant classicu oka.Vsmešama Burning Studio is not very difficult to use any. The interface is well organized and advanced features wizard to step you through the process step.

Complex software zapisiAshampoo Burning Studio is a complete set VerbrennungsEs is able to handle all the tasks with the creationDieskau combustion related. Its speed, efficiency and ease of use will turn a lot of people, sophisticated software as NERO records. Burning Studio once again shows that simple software and design are attractive to the public.

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