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Mon Mon Mon Monsters 2017
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MonstersStraight-high school student L Ma Lin Shu-wei busy and oppressed and Ren-Hao and his fingers, Guo Wei Feng and Zhu. One day, Lin wrote the decent material to steal money class.
The Monster 2016 Lin can prove his innocence; However, the professor has no confidence, Ms Lin Li said, to repent of the subjections still serve the public and Ren Hao and others. His public service includes the provision of food for the elderly, but Ren Hao and his team vyyavlenayayak hell on his chanceYaKuinua place to invite Lin for the trip. They again formed an elderly abuse is innocent and even sertentar throw a veteran. But instead of gold I expected, a group of guys, and not a failure of a group of monsters. Pets expel them, but one of them hurt the car in the process. The children brought their hidden meeting point where things quickly get into open violence and suffering – the monster.

Language: Cantonese

Classification: Unspecified

MkuuTarehe Independence: August 17, 2017

Type:Terror / Suspense

During the race: Not available

Distributors: mm2 Entertainment SDN BHD

Cast: Dan Yukai, Kent Tsai, Yuzhen Liu Xin Lin Pi

Directed by Giddens

Manufacturer: 2D


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