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Youtubers Life
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Ioutubers life U-playing online is a great Tycoon Simulation / Tycoon life where the player wants to be the top video blogger Earth Edit video, drawing crowds of fans and accumulate great wealth in the process. KEmulator Lite 0
Players can customize the character of the thousands of options players can imitateentretemento.Os Youtubers real life, such as gaming sessions brands, buy new and classic console and manage daily tasks and time management skills training!

Home Ioutuberkarijeratse not so easy!

xogadoresIoutubers life will systematically continue the process from beginning to end, and thenpublish your work online. The process of editing the custom has now become a fully immersive experience! Players can get their favorite online game titles that will be delivered in hard copy eentón begin recording session of play. methods of recording videos and presentations can bestudied for the player to achieve the ambition to become the world nadmoćanVideoBlogger.
The player began his career video blogging in the room of their parents and have to finish school work and work and keep casapostos be happy to try to increase hits and visits on their part.

Life for video installations

lifesimulated video bloggers busy Ioutubers, presented in life is not just about shooting video blog accumulate follower, hits and audience. Ioutuber know the value of life ekrana.U game, the player takes part in the premiere issue of Film editions of the game, while cooling at parties, in clubsand even luxury yachts, when success finally achieved. Players can make new friends, erradicaralpinistas social, and even find a partner for life, because the passing game.

Specifications and requirements

In the operating system Windows, the game will run on older machines are stillstill using Windows XP, and all recent iteration operaciónSistema Vindovs.3 Megabites necessary storage space available and takozh2 gigabytes of RAM. Graphics should support 512 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce. OS, Apple requires the processor 2 GHz or faster processor, and storage space for up to 3 MB2 GB of RAM. And in the game of Windows, and MacOS playing better resolution 16: 9.

Ioutuber experience!

This game is very good, not behind it is easily accessible and very user prijateljskii December. The game is very fun and exciting, but may be repeated Ouest common feature simulation / strategymanagement game like this appeal to the target market for this type of game. Touch the family aspect of the game adds to the attractiveness and financial management skills can help grow the digital future mogul. So do not delay today descargaVida Ioutubers.


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